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There are over 1 billion groups on Facebook and millions of LinkedIn groups. This is a great opportunity for marketeers who want to find the ideal customer to get in touch with. Boost your company with Leads Extractor and create a qualified successful acquisition funnel. We get you started using the tool together with our guide.

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Millions of businesses have their company listed with Google My Business and therefore able to be found through Google Maps with up-to-date information about their company.

Scrape data like marketing pixels (Facebook/Google) and Social Media links (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn) to offer your services. You know what they are missing out on!

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The goal of any marketing should be long-term sustainable growth. Leads Extractor you get the tool to build a long-term acquisition funnel for the long run.

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"I help my business clients with lead generation and it's fantastic to be able to quickly find all of the Google Maps listings in an area and then export them with the push of a button. "

- John Hayes

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