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Frequently Asked Questions

My license status in the bottom left keeps saying loading.. ?

Reinstall the extension and when prompted about SYNC, accept it. That allows us to check your license status.

How do I cancel my subscription plan?

Shoot us a message using the contact form above or email us at support@leads-extractor.com and we will cancel within 24 hours.

I got the unlimited version of Google Maps Tool, yet I only get 4 results?

First make sure you are using the same email as you used to purchase the unlimited plan. If you want to change the email, contact us at support@leads-extractor.com or use the form above.

Secondly if you are indeed using the same email and the bottom license status keeps saying loading, just simply reinstall the extension and allow ‘SYNC’ when you receive a prompt about that.

and Thirth always open up the extension first before performing a new search in Google Maps like you normally do.

I don't get all members from the Facebook groups?

The privacy settings of those members are set to private and unable for us to extract.

Still have questions? Send us a message at support@leads-extractor.com.