Reach Millions Through Google Maps

Stop wasting your efforts with outdated databases and get the power of a marketeer, without paying their $100 hourly rate.

Generate quality leads within seconds based on up-to-date company information with Google Maps Extractor.

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1 – Let’s get started

Open up the extension first, then navigate to Google Maps (set Google Maps language to English) and perform a search like you normally do with Google Maps (see the blue arrow in the screenshot example: Car Dealerships in Amsterdam) to find any businesses from any place.

Note: The business listings will be automatically scraped in the background Рduring this process you can close the extension. You only need to open the extension when performing a completely new search

Why scrape Google Maps? Lets say you want a local restaurant to hire you, you could show them a list of local food distributors they could use to cut costs. (Yeah, there are other possibilities with this.) Or as an agency you will be able to pull up a list of potential clients for your clients to show.


2 – Pull in results

Press the bottom navigation icon > (see the blue arrow in the right screenshot) to pull more (often 20) results from Google Maps and give it a second to load the results after every click.


3 – Download results

Lastly open up the extension in the top-right corner of the Chrome Browser and press the green EXTRACT DETAILED LIST button. When pressed, simply press the appearing (if process hasn’t finished yet) DOWNLOAD button to retrieve the results into an CSV (comma separated values) format.

Note: Press the red “Clear List” button to reset the data for a new search. As the extension will keep adding results to the existing list of data until reset.

Too long; didn’t read?

All you have to do is use Google Maps like you normally do, while the extension scrapes the business listings automatically in the background – ready to be downloaded when you open up the extension.